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Hazel Domangue

President and CEO of Precise Expression LLC
Author & Teacher

Precise Expression provides writing instruction to 9 - 12 year old youth in our Summer Writing for Youth.

Realizing that writing is therapeutic for seniors and US veterans, we conduct writing and memoir writing workshops.

Many colleges have entrance exams which include an essay.
Precise Expression will teach you how to write a compelling essay in our College Essay Writing Workshop.
In the Business Writing Workshop, you will learn rules and fundamentals of writing so that you can correctly write

comprehensive emails, memos, reports, and proposals.

Workshops are held all year long from 4-day increments to weekly sessions.

When you register it will be the first step in your reaching the very attainable goal of writing well, and writing with pleasure.
Let's more forward together!



Workshops / Services

Memoir Writing for Seniors & US Veterans.
This workshop provides senior adults with the opportunity and guidance to write their life stories for personal satisfaction and as a roadmap for future generations. You will learn how to transfer memories of a remote past into present-day narratives with which others can relate. You will enjoy participating with others in working out writing assignments and sharing life stories. Lastly, you will boost your self-esteem and connect on a social level with others in the program.

Having served our country well, you will be able to write about your military experience and help others to understand what you went through. At times, you may believe that your service did not count, that it was not appreciated by others. You fought for those could not serve, you fought for your country, you made a difference. Let your voice, thoughts, and memories come alive.

At the end of the workshop, there will be a Reading and Book Signing Ceremony where participants can invite family and friends.

College Essay Writing Workshops
This is a four-hour writing workshop for high school juniors and seniors, and adults who are not in school but are applying for college.

Instruction in writing essays, and on taking the writing and English portions of the SAT and ACT, will make it easier to take the test.

The participants will be given instruction in proper grammar, sentence structure, figurative language, language skills, and learn the different types of essays.

The curriculum will include exercises in Google research and using the thesaurus, with an emphasis on essay writing styles.

Creative Story Writing for Youth
Parents, do you have a child who is struggling with writing assignments in school?
When it was time to do homework, did your child often sit at the table, pencil in hand, staring at the walls? Is your child getting frustrated? Are you feeling helpless?
Youth need support, encouragement, and training to be able to write well for school.
Small class sizes insure individualized and comprehensive instruction. Each student will be taught how to precisely convey reality, imagination and ideas through story-telling. Visualization exercises and interactive discussions are integral parts of the workshop for these nine and twelve years old students.

Parents and friends are invited to a Reading and Book Signing Ceremony that closes the session.

Business Writing Workshop 

Did you know that “Functional illiteracy in the workplace costs employers more than $60 billion annually in lost productivity?”

This workshop is not just for corporate writing but for writing in any workplace.  Writing is a fundamental professional skill that most employers look for in hiring and/or promoting employees.  


"Some of the children were reluctant when the class began but as time went on the children became excited about the class and wanted to learn more. (Ms. Domangue) is creative, deeply conscientious, professional and hardworking."

Ms. Stewart

Abraham Lincoln Centre

"My grandchildren especially enjoyed seeing some of the stories...writing the stories also helped me organize my thoughts and present the information consistently."

"The class was a forum for us and other classmates about times in our lives that we had not visited in a while."

Jaqueline House

William Ruth

"I found the ideas of writing shared by this program, presented me with ways to not only reflect on what I wanted to say, but to do so in an easy natural fashion that would invite others to appreciate my story. As a consequence, I have uncovered an ability to communicate more clearly in the written word and in my everyday speech.

Thank you, Hazel. You and this program have been an invaluable asset to me."

"I learned to think in terms of significant periods of time, places, and occurances. Your use of prompts triggers, samples, and other mind-jogging materials were especially helpful."

Bonnie Orton

James Adam



I am a writer. I've been published in mostly collegiate magazines for many years. I earned a Master of Science in Journalism degree from Roosevelt University in Chicago, and completed an editing summer course at the University of Chicago.


I am an Adjunct Instructor at Howard Community College, Columbia MD where I facilitate Memoir Writing Workshops for Seniors & US Veterans.

I have always been excited about writing; first as an elementary school student creating poetry, as a teenager writing about young romance and social behavior, and then as an adult writing magazine articles about college careers.

In 2008, I started teaching story writing to youth, facilitating memoir writing workshops for seniors and veterans, and teaching business writing.


My latest books are Coping with Mental Illness a Handbook for Caregivers, and an E-book on Memoir Writing for Seniors.


Presenter, Chicago Artists Coalition, Nov. 2016 Teaching strategies on story writing for youth ages 8 - 12.

In The Press
Session in Progress

Workshops & Events

Memoir Writing Workshop for Seniors and US Veterans


. Current through March 30, 2023

. May 5 - June 6, 2023 (Mondays only) 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.

. Summer 2023 - TBD


Howard Community College, 10901 Little Patuxent Pkwy., Columbia MD 21044

*Register at HCC through the Personal Enrichment Program for Seniors


Business Writing Workshop 

Monday, April 17 & Tuesday April 18, 2023

9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Howard County Chamber of Commerce

6240 Old Dobbin Lane, Suite 110, Columbia MD 21045

News and Events


For any media inquiries, please contact Hazel Domangue:

Tel:  443-430-4069

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